Towing Service

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba ( Queensland).


Towing Services

Junk Cars only occupy space in the garage and it surely gets irritating at times. Is there any solution to manage unwanted vehicles? Brisbane Scrap Metal is one such helpful company which offers towing service for your junk cars. Our service is active in different regions such as Gold Coast, Logan, Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast. Over the years, we have successfully helped numerous customers to get rid of their old and non-functional vehicles from any state destination. Our company accepts cars along with heavy vehicles such as trucks which are damaged or completed rusted.

Free Car Removal

We follow a customer-friendly approach that has made us quite famous in Brisbane and nearby regions. It does not matter which car model you possess we are there to tow your vehicle in the quickest possible way. What makes this service reliable? Our service is free of charge, that is, the customer is not bound to pay anything for getting his/her vehicle towed. You can file in the request online or connect via phone call to get your car picked under limited time.


Get up to $6000 instant cash for your vehicle.

To find out how much your vehicle is worth, give us a call on 0481341416  or 0409680248

Text Pickup address of your unwanted car on 0409 680 248


Benefits from Towing Service

You might be thinking what can one gain from these old and worn out vehicles. The answer is very simple- Instant Cash! You can contact our team at Brisbane Scrap Metal in order to get your vehicle tested. It doesn’t matter where your car is. We will visit that location and pick it up without any hassle. The exact worth for your vehicle will be stated at the time of pickup. The online website can be visited to access a cash quote which is also advantageous. You will be amazed to know that a maximum of $6000 can be gained from your rusted car which is one of the striking traits of Brisbane Scrap Metal.

Car Recycling

You will be surprised to know that Brisbane Scrap Metal is also engaged in car recycling which is a very efficient environment-friendly process. The recycling activity is taken care at specific locations managed by our company. Vehicle dismantling is also taken care at these centers. Our network has been quite active which has helped numerous clients put their trust in us. No need to worry about your wrecked, unused or junked car as Brisbane Scrap Metal is there to carry it away.

Additional Advantages

Brisbane Scrap Metal has been successful in attracting a large customer population due to some excellent service traits. We do not fool our clients through hidden charges or any kind of gimmick. Best price is offered for your rusted vehicles. If your car is still working then surely you will be served with a better price. Our hotline number can be contacted in order to learn about the towing service. We possess a supportive customer care service which is always ready to take your calls. You can even manage your pickup booking through the help desk. For any kind of query or inconvenience, you can share the issue with our executive who will try to resolve the matter under quick time.



Text Pickup address of your unwanted car on 0409 680 248